About Me

My name is Courtney Foote and I'm married JD! I am 26 years old and I work at Christ United Methodist Church. I went to the University of Mobile and graduated with a degree in Worship Leadership.

I am the worship leader for the contemporary services at Christ UMC and that includes the NewSong worship services, Even Worship and Celebrate Recovery services. Worship is something near and dear to my heart. I like to learn about it, participate in it, lead it, and talk about it. The Lord is worthy of everything and most certainly my praise. I love the people who volunteer in the NewSong band more than I ever thought I would. They work so hard and they don't often see the fruits of their labors. I also love the people in NewSong. I think we are a group of people who are trying hard to love the Lord and live a real life - unpretending.

Now for just a little background on my life! I grew up in Mobile, Alabama. I have two great parents who taught me to be considerate, tolerant, welcoming, loving and respectful to every person on the planet. I got married in May of 2014 to JD (Joseph) and he couldn't be a better husband. He's an engineer but when he sings, it doesn't sound like that. We enjoy kickboxing together, as well as adventuring through life! We have the world's cutest dog named Rose. She's almost two years old and still looks like a puppy. People constantly think she's still a baby. 

I'm not really good at loving anything fully, but for all intents and purposes, I love the beach, Apple products, lots of TV shows (which, if you love TV too, talk to me about it! I like to talk to people about things that we both like), fiction books, cheese, good worship music, church, the Body of Christ, putting on make-up, bread, trying to dress well, traveling ANYwhere, boots and scarves. I struggle with cleaning my room, pride, reading the news, finances, finding the right things to say, keeping my things organized, having thin hair, knowing when to stop talking, and apparently, finishing college. I laugh a lot about the things I struggle with and I try to be open in a non-creepy way. We need each other and we need honesty. I've found that if we are honest with our struggles, most people are relieved to know they aren't alone in theirs.

The Lord Jesus Christ saved me from a dark and lonely life. He has made all the difference to me and I want to be more like Him. I want other people to know the difference He can make and everyday, I'm becoming less scared and more bold. Feel free to drop me a line (courtney@christumcmobile.com) or friend me on Facebook! I'm also on twitter and I tweet from @courtneylcoxe.