Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Home and Secrets. An update.

I haven't written in a while!
The month of April has been somewhat of a whirlwind. In all honesty, I spent most of the month lying.
However, it was for a very good reason!

One of my best friends (one of the few people I'd call in the middle of night and who I know would do anything for me, just like I'd do for them) called earlier this month and said he was coming home but I couldn't tell anyone. I agreed because I really love surprises, but that was stupid. I'm a terrible secret keeper!

So most of my month was spent trying to not be super awkward whenever the subject came up.
It was a little harder than I thought considering his dad is my boss. And the pastor. And I was always lying to the pastor in the church! But I didn't get struck by lightning, so I have to assume that God likes surprises too.

Jim's oldest son James Michael came home last Friday while Jim was still in Africa. We went to the airport yesterday and James Michael surprised him by picking him up. It was a really cool moment to witness. James Michael hasn't been home since October 2011, so we're all excited that he's here!

Since I have a number of weeks to list, I won't have a regular blog today. But I will say that there is something powerful about being home. There's something powerful about being among family, even if it's not blood family. So take advantage of those times whenever they come around. Jesus created us to live in community, so don't waste your time on your phone. I know we hear that all the time, but really try to live it out.

On April 14th we sang:
"Heaven Fall Down" by Phil Wickham
"Lay Me Down" by Chris Tomlin
"Overcome" by Jeremy Camp or Gateway Worship
and for the offering, "Into the Glorious" by Christy Nockels (which is the title track of her latest CD, which is awesome!)

On April 21st we sang:
"God is Able" by Hillsong
"Not For a Moment" by Meredith Andrews
"Always" by Kristian Stanfill
and for the offering "King of Heaven" by Paul Baloche

On April 28th we sang:
"Here For You" by Chris Tomlin
"White Flag" by Chris Tomlin
"Forever Reign" by Hillsong or Kristian Stanfill
and "Oceans" by Hillsong. Dan and I did an acoustic version of this song. I absolutely love it! I loved it the more that I listened to and sang it.

This Sunday, Landon leads us one last time before he goes home for the summer! I'm excited about it but I'm also quite sad that he's going home. We always miss him so much. So make sure you say a goodbye before he leaves for a while! I know that he'll enjoy being home just as much as James Michael is enjoying it!

Have a great week! We'll see you on Sunday morning!!!

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