Thursday, January 17, 2013

Living or Reacting.

Everyone should meet my new best friend.
His name is Hulu Plus and he lets me watch lots of good TV shows!

I like to try to distinguish myself from the rest of my generation when it comes to technology. I try to stay off of my cell phone (for the most part) when talking to someone and I try not to say, "Wikipedia said so," too often. I try not to live my life through Facebook or worry about who is tweeting what.

But when it comes to this new idea of watching TV on the internet, I'm hooked. You get to watch all of your favorite shows with WAY less commercials and you can watch the whole season in a row! I love it. At first, I was skeptical. Now I'm all for it!

My day of Sabbath usually includes catching up on my weekly favorites through Hulu Plus. This past week, I kept seeing the same commercial for a TV show. The last line of this commercial says,

"You're not living. You're only reacting."

Normally during commercials, I'm up to get a glass of water or staring out the window, but this line caught me every single time it came on. You're not living. You're only reacting.

Last night at band practice, I was praying when I said, "Lord, help us to pray about our hard times more than we talk about them to other people." I've always loved that prayer. And then today, I realized that I had been talking about and trying to fix a problem for 2 hours and had not prayed about it once.


I wasn't living.
I wasn't taking it to the Lord and asking for help and guidance.  
 I was reacting to the problem and trying to fix it.

I'm a firm believer that God gives us talents and skills and sometimes, we just use those skills to get out of a problem. For instance, when my guitar string breaks, I fix it. I don't pray about it. When a caster on the piano breaks, I replace it. (Or call Johnny to get him to fix it!)
But when I've got a big problem, I need to remember not to rely on my own wit and talent. I've got to seek the Lord and live.

The more I walk with the Lord, I've realized that living isn't just praying when it's tough and accepting blessings. Living is walking with the Lord. It's talking to Him about my problems, big and small. It's hearing His voice and listening to where He wants me to go. Those all sound so cliche and like they're easy to grasp, but they haven't always been easy for me to grasp.
I understand them, but I forget to put them in motion.

So this week, and I'm sure for the rest of my life, I'll be praying a little extra hard to be reminded to live, not just to react.

Here are the songs we sang in NewSong for the last few weeks:

January 6th:
"God is Able" by Hillsong Live
"Never Once" by Matt Redman (what a great song to start out the new year with!)
"10,000 Reasons" by Matt Redman
and I sang (after my guitar string broke at 10:40!) "Jesus, Friend of Sinners" by Casting Crowns, which is a personal favorite of mine!

and this past week, January 13th:
"Savior's Here" by Kari Jobe
"Here For You" by Chris Tomlin
"Desert Song" by Hillsong
and "I'm in Love With You" by Klaus and Kari Jobe.

Just a hint for the next few weeks:
You all know that I love worship music. One of my favorite worship leaders Chris Tomlin put out a new record a few weeks ago. It's called Burning Lights. If you've ever wanted an incredible record to listen to, this is it. In all honesty, I didn't love it the first time I listened to it, but I can't stop listening to it now because it's so GOOD!
So we'll be introducing quite a few of the songs off of that album into worship over the next few months, starting this Sunday! So just go on over to iTunes and pick it up now. If you don't like it, you can hold me personally responsible. Just come tell me one Sunday. Ha!

Have a good week and I'll see you soon!

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