Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ugh.... Choke!

I must say, I was so excited for this past Sunday morning! I was so excited that I was not surprised when I woke up at 3:12 am (yes. that is exact.). However I was surprised that I started coughing at 3:12am on Sunday morning.
And when it didn't stop by 4 am, I got worried.
Then I started coughing.
And coughing some more.
And drinking water.
Then drinking Throat Coat tea.
And panicking.
Then remembering the Bible, praying instead of panicking.

But thank the Good Lord above, I made it all th... No wait.
I made it ALMOST all the way through NewSong on Sunday morning!! And then, during the middle of the offering song at 10:40, my tea ran out.
My water ran out.
My voice ran out.

And the good people of the NewSong service at Christ UMC took pity on me and sang along! Thank you to everyone who helped finish our musical worship time on Sunday morning. I'm kinda sad that it wasn't perfect because "Speak Now Jesus" is an incredible song that shouldn't be sung with a frog in one's throat.

Just by the way, I always pray like this when that happens, "Lord. I'm singing for YOU! Please get me through this!.... no?! Funny, God, but the joke is over. Now get it right! My face is literally turning purple now. Still no!? Come on, now!" 

But anyways. I've got to tell on Johnny, our incredible drummer. All Sunday morning, I was drinking Throat Coat like I was trying to drown myself with it. As soon as we got off stage from my choking incident at 10:40, I was coughing my lungs out. He was so worried, afraid that I wasn't going to get over it. He's such a wonderful guy that he stuck around to make sure I didn't pass out. And when I finally stopped coughing, he just looked at my with a big smile and said,

"That tea ain't working."

And I died laughing. I think of all the funny things that I've heard backstage in NewSong over the years, that one takes the cake.

But I think Sunday was a great day of worship anyway! I had a blast being able to relax and enjoy voices. No electrics guitars or bass drums, but just voices. Don't get me wrong, I think the Lord's Spirit may dwell in some of the electric pedals (that's a joke, people) but I loved just hearing everyone.  I'll be honest. The thing that brings me the most joy (aside from the Lord) in this life is both seeing and hearing the people of God worship Him. Whether it's your hands lifted high, eyes closed, an off-beat clap or just a look of sincerity in your eyes, seeing other people worship just makes me all giddy. And hearing people sing, that's the best. And while perfect four-part harmony from an entire congregation is awesome, really loud, really bad harmony or... ah-hem.. noise, is truly my favorite!

So this Sunday, I'm hoping that I'll be able to stop coughing for a while (otherwise you'll be enduring noise) and be able to worship with all of you again. I think we've got a great set planned and I'm looking forward to it.

 Here's what we sang last Sunday, July 8th,
"10,000 Reasons" by Matt Redman
"Never Once" by Matt Redman
"Jesus, Son of God" by Chris Tomlin
and my favorite!!
"Speak Now Jesus" by Starfield
(btw. Starfield is innnnncredible.)

See ya Sunday.
Let's make some noise together.

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