Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

Last week after church, I ran home, ate lunch, took a shower and headed off to the airport! I took another trip to Guatemala! I went down for a few days to start learning some of the tips for taking a team to Casa Aleluya. I've been down there so many times but never as a team leader for adults. Brenda Davis taught me so much and it was a great experience.

Of course my favorite part was seeing all of my favorites down there. I stayed with the team instead of the girls there but I still got to spend a lot of time with the kids!! They are all growing up so fast! Some of the youngest kids that I met when I went there for the first time are now living with Jessie Wilson. (In case you don't know, Jessie is a friend of mine that went to youth with me at  Christ UMC and when she graduated college, she moved to Guatemala as a dorm parent!)

It was a really great week. Although since I brought JD last time I was there, the first question out of every kid's mouth was "Where is your boyfriend?!" followed by, "Well why isn't he here? When is he coming?". They all wanted to see him again so badly. They love him so much!! Good thing that I was alright substitute :).

I must say that one of my favorite things about Guatemala is that there is no internet or phones. I can't be distracted by text messages or any of those other things that always get me! I thoroughly enjoyed finishing a book (while waiting for water to boil!) and getting to read my Bible by flashlight each night. That kind of peace and quiet is so hard to come by. It's mostly just hard to make that peace and quiet happen because everyone expects you to be available at all hours. So I loved every minute of it!

I will be taking a team to Casa Aleluya in Guatemala in October. It will be a Saturday-Saturday trip, October 20th-27th. If you are interested, please email me at

Last week in NewSong, we played the following songs:
Cannons by Phil Wickham
Holy, Holy, Holy, (Savior and King) by Gateway Worship
Forever Reign by Kristian Stanfill
 and for the offering song,
My Hope Is In You by Aaron Shust
and for Communion
O the Blood by Kari Jobe/Gateway Worship

I loved last week's worship and I certainly, like most of you, was blessed to see Jeremy Steele baptize his own son during the 10:40 service. It was so beautiful.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow as we have an acoustic Sunday!!! I can't wait to see everyone and worship with you again.

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