Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Responsibility Shmonsiblity.

Wow. I just looked at the blog and it's been over a month since I have written! So sorry!
Each week I kept putting it off without really meaning to. I think summer has got me by the tail. In the past month, I threw my sister a big surprise birthday party/crawfish boil, celebrated Father's Day, I've been to Baton Rouge twice, went to Panama City Beach,  booked a trip to Guatemala and I've sweated a lot.
It's that time of year. Time for travel and fun and swimming. And let me say, it certainly has been fun!! I can tell that I have been playing too much because 1. My room is in serious need of cleaning, 2. I've spent a lot of time in the car and 3. I haven't blogged in too long!

But I don't feel bad about all of those responsibilities being put on hold. I was reminded and consequently decided over the past month that life is more than just getting my responsibilities checked off the list. It's less about cleaning the dishes and more about trying crazy recipes that I've been dying to try. It's less about building the perfect relationship and more about just being in healthy relationships with people.
It's less about keeping my hair and make up done and more about jumping in the pool even when I have somewhere to go.
It's about calling that person back instead of cleaning your room.
It's about taking two hours out of my week to coach little kids because no matter how much I don't want to go some days, I always leave practice smiling and happier than when I came.

You see, I just accepted my first big girl job almost 11 months ago. While I had worked full time before at the church, this was the first time I wasn't going to school full time as well. I was warned by many people who loved me that said "Be careful with your time! Don't frazzle yourself! It's important to have down time!" And while they meant well since I tend towards that, I think I went a little overboard.
I made sure that I had down time and that I "protected" myself from being over-extended. I thought I was making good decisions, healthy decisions. The decisions that everyone said I should make. But the honest truth was that I went too far. I protected myself too much and I started feeling like the wrong person. While I enjoy time alone, I also really like people and I like to talk to them! While flag football stresses me out because I have no idea what I'm doing, I love spending time with those 5 year olds! And like always, while reading a good Christian book is good for me, THE book is even better! So it's time to get back to myself. A little wild, a little crazy, and a little shy sometimes.
So this summer, I'm embracing life a little more than I have the past few months. I'm taking trips, talking to friends that I "didn't have time for." I'm living and whenever I start feeling overextended, I back up. But the fear of that won't keep me down. What's life if we don't live it fully!?

Here are the songs we did for the past two weeks:
June 17th, Father's Day
Like a Lion by David Crowder
Alive in Us by Hillsong
Holy, Holy, Holy (Savior & King) by Gateway Worship (whoa!! I love this song!!)
and JD led Lead Me by Sanctus Real for the offering. And he was incredible! I love that song and the example it sets!

June 24th, Last Week
Nothing But the Blood  by Andy Cherry (love this version!)
Desert Song by Hillsong
Overcome by Jeremy Camp
and Turn Around by Matt Maher (great album called The Love in Between! go buy it!)

I hope that you have a great week and enjoy life some! Let that laundry sit around for another afternoon!

*** a note from the day I after I wrote this: I don't mean that you should let everything fall by the wayside just to have fun! But I do think it's good to loosen up a little and not stress all the time!

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