Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Big Flowers vs. V-Neck Tees

Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday.

Okay. Half of you just left to buy cards/presents/order flowers offline. Drive safely!

For the half that are still here with me, Mother's Day is a cool day. For a couple of reasons:

First off, it's second to only Easter and Christmas for attendance at church. You can't tell your Momma no when she asks you to go to church. And by golly, you WILL look nice and wear the dress that she picked out for you. That you hate. But you'll do it anyways. Because it's her day! So I like that day. I get to see a lot of people!

Second, because at my church, there is still a large number of Mommas who show up wearing flowers. This was always a big deal in my house. Now that  my family attends NewSong and not big church, we haven't gotten my mom flowers in the last few years. NewSong is so much more hipster.. Maybe we should get her a v-neck tee and scarf to wear for that day. (FYI.. NewSong isn't hipster, but compared to big church, we might as well be)

Third, because it really is awesome to take a day and celebrate your Mom.

As I laid in my comfy, warm, big queen bed last night, I snuggled in deep under the covers. I thanked God for everything that my parents have done to let me live in a house where I have those things. After that, I started thinking about all of the hard work that my parents did to create me into who I am today. They taught me how to dress, how to speak properly, how to tie my shoes and they set high levels of expectation on me for my life. And not only did they do all of that, they were gracious and helpful when I failed.
My mom on Easter at 4 yrs old!
I remember when I was finishing up high school. I had early acceptance into wonderful medical programs and I had the opportunity to study anything that I wanted to study. The doors to Honors Programs and engineering classes were wide open. When I told my parents that I thought God was calling me into music ministry full time, while my dad loved me, he wanted me to make money. Like every good and sensible father! My mom was the one who told me to forget about the money and do what God wanted me to do. (and she may have included the words "marry" and "rich" somewhere in that speech) But my dad wanted me to do what was good for me, which included making money. My mom understood that but she also understood the importance of doing what I loved. My dad wasn't ever against me going into music, but my mom was the one who talked to him about why this was such a good idea and why she knew it would work out alright.
Moms are awesome. They connect with those sorts of things in our lives in a way that will never be replaced. Without her support, I'm not sure that I'd be where I am today. My mom is incredibly important. And for that matter, my grandmothers were incredibly important in defining who I am.

So I'm going to have a great Mother's Day this weekend thanking my mom for everything that she's done for me. And I think I'll thank my dad too. He supports her so that she can support me. And he taught me all of the fun stuff. Like how make paper footballs and play at the table when Mom isn't looking.

How is your Mother's Day going to be?

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