Monday, May 14, 2012

All Tucked In.

Alright. I'm about to tell you something embarrassing.
It's something that you're going to laugh at and make fun of me for, but in your heart of hearts, you'll agree with me and you'll know that it's true for you too.

I love being tucked in.

Now I don't get tucked in anymore, because I'm old.
However, it's one of the best feelings in the world... that moment when you're all warm and cuddled and covered in soft cotton blankets. (And you know what makes that feeling better? Blankets that just came out of the dryer!)
 It's even better when someone else tucks you in so that your arms can't move and you can only talk to them and thank them for tucking you in so nicely.
Man. I need to tell my parents thanks for that later.

Anyways, I feel like that's my life right now with the Lord. I'm asking Him to tuck me in. Tuck me in and surround me with His music, His Word, prayer, conversations about Him, and all of the wonderful things concerning Him that He can think of. And He has been faithful to do so. Those wonderful passages of the Bible that have spoken life into my heart over the past few days have felt like a straight-out-of-the-dryer blanket that is holding me close and making me smile.
And as only the best moms know, you've got to tuck a baby's arms into the blanket so that the baby doesn't throw off the blanket while it sleeps. And I feel like the Lord has done that to me. He has wrapped my arms, my tendency for distraction, up in His blanket and He's not going to let me out until I'm rested and ready.

I love that about God. I love how He will accomplish His will in my life even when I try to get out. And most often, I'm trying to get out to serve Him and accomplish what I think He wants. So it's just amazing to sit down and feel like the Lord has tucked me in and that He just wants me to be wrapped up in Him for a while.
I encourage you to let Him wrap you up sometime in His love.
We all know that we can cover ourselves with a blanket and be happy, but there's just something about being tucked in by someone who loves you.

Here are the songs that we sang yesterday in NewSong
Lift the Name by New Life Worship
Father, Spirit, Jesus by Casting Crowns
Alive in Us by Hillsong
A Mighty Fortress by Christy Nockels (one of my personal FAVORITES! although I love them all!)
Savior's Here by Kari Jobe

 So I hope that this week you can be wrapped up in a holy, great and loving God. Spend some time with Him!

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