Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Big and Bold

I must say.. an apparent theme for our "Bigger than Church" series is starting to unfold. One of the themes obviously being that church is bigger than what we do on Sunday. The other is that we, as the church, are meant to be bold. As a person who is a little tall for a girl and happens to be a little bit louder than a normal human being, I hate the words big and bold. My dad accidentally called me that.


Then he went swimming with the fishes.

Just kidding. But really.. those words can be so offensive when describing a person. Although the person saying them intended for good, to speak about the outgoing trait that another person possesses, those words can hurt. So when these words started sticking with me, I got to wondering.
Then, for the first time in ages, magic happened.
That's right.     I said it.       On a Christian blog.       Magic.

Jim Kinder blogged. (here)

And when I read his blog, I started to see that the words big and bold were true. But somehow, just like my personality, it's less big and bold than it is   just    the    truth.

The truth.

I'm not big and bold. It's just who I am.
The disciples describing their stories weren't weird because they were not awkward. They weren't weird because their stories were what they had experienced. Jim talked about when we, as Christians, over-spiritualize things.  (no.. that's not a word. but it is now!) When he said that, I began to think of the many times someone who didn't know that I am a follower of Jesus spoke to me about Him. The ones who "weirded" me out were the ones who were over spiritual. Now I cannot gauge their hearts, but I look back on the conversation and I realize that what they were saying didn't sound like it came from experience or their hearts. It sounded like a rehearsed story, not the life-changing, life-giving truth. Even though it was the truth, it was weird because it wasn't their first hand experience.

I think the biggest and boldest Christians are the ones who have the courage to be plain about the truth when it isn't convenient. The ones who tell the truth when it'd be easier to let it go unsaid. That's what the disciples did. They told their stories, knowing the severe consequences, when it would have been easier to shut up.
So I think that's what God is calling me to do.

To take off the make-up of self-togetherness that I put on to make me look good and be open and honest when it'd be easier to leave it unsaid.
To take the chance on just mentioning the difference that Jesus has made in me to my closest friends who try to avoid the fact that I work at a church. I don't want to Bible beat them, but I don't want to hide the truth.
Jesus has saved me. He has brought me out of the pit. He leads and guides me.
I'm really bad at giving Him control, but when I let Him have it, He always makes something beautiful out of my mess.

That's my truth. That's my big and bold.

On this past Sunday, we took some good time to thank God and sing to Him. Here are the songs with the recording artists that I like the best!
"Cannons" by Phil Wickham
"You Never Let Go" by Matt Redman
"Jesus, Son of God" by Chris Tomlin
"We Are" by Kari Jobe

This Sunday has a big surprise in store so make sure you with us! It's going to be awesome.
 Have a good week. Think about your big and bold. Let us know what it is!

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