Sunday, March 18, 2012

So I left for two weeks.

That first sentence is a lie. I only left the States for a week. But boy! It sure did feel like two weeks. Probably because getting to Casa is so exciting and leaving is so awful that actually feeling strong emotions is unavoidable and makes me very tired. IF you ever watch the show "Whitney" on NBC, 1. You probably wouldn't admit it because it's not very churchy and 2. I'm a lot like her. I'm emotionally stunted. And my arms are long like hers.
All that to say, the new Passion:White Flag CD came out this week and one of my favorite songs is "Revive Me" by Christy Nockels. The bridge of the song says "I'm alive, I'm alive. You breathe on me. You revive me." The first time I heard the song, I got annoyed that she sang it over and over again. The second time that I heard it, I realized why this is such a freeing and wonderful statement. For those people like me, I live on cruise control so often and I am often emotionally stunted. But in the presence of the Lord, I'm alive. He breathes on me and REVIVES me. I think that's we cry in worship. It's why we dance in worship. It's why we sing in worship. It's why we smile. It's why we hurt while we worship. We are revived when He breathes on us. The callouses are removed and we are alive to the world, to our hearts, to our spirits, and to Him.
Just a by the way, we will be singing a lot of the Passion:White Flag worship songs so go buy it today and you'll be ready. You can be all proud that you know the words and the people standing around you in worship will think you're awesome. And maybe it'll allow you to worship better, but the people thinking you're some kind of Christian music expert is wayyy more important.
But anyways! Over the past two weeks, I've had the opportunity to celebrate and do lots of cool things. We celebrated JD's birthday by going to Lift (a conference for worship leaders) in Atlanta (his college town). Then we came home and celebrated our one year anniversary (I know... who would have thought that could happen to me?! He must be a saint!). The next morning, I went to Casa Aleluya in Guatemala. It's my home away from home and the people there are certainly my family. I love them very dearly. I got to catch up with Jessie Wilson, a missionary from our church (and a friend), and we got to spoil her dorm and fix stuff around her house. She very graciously allowed us to fix and meddle with whatever we wanted. It provided a large sense of accomplishment! Here is a picture of JD and I with some of our favorites. He took them out to a spectacular lunch in Antigua.

Now- I know that some of you read this blog for one purpose. And so let the crowds be satisfied.
March 5
We opened with "You Are For Me" by Kari Jobe. I think remembering that we don't have to come cowering with sin to the Father's feet is so reassuring. We took time to remember that He is for us, and wants to remind us of who He is.
Then "Awakening" - Hillsong
"Never Once" - Matt Redman
"A Mighty Fortress" - Christy Nockels

Then this morning, March 18th, we sang
"Set Free" - Chris Tomlin
"Hosanna (Praise is Rising)" - Paul Baloche
"We the Redeemed" - Hillsong
Then at 9:15 Gwen Smith sang.
At 10:40 we sang "Like a Lion" by David Crowder or Kristian Stanfill

I hope to see you next week! And don't ever be afraid to drop me a line. Tell me songs that you like, songs that you hate and then the songs that make you want to walk up on stage and say "REALLY?! Why would you pick this song?!?!" While there is a team that helps me pick songs and gives feedback, I'd much rather have yours!!
Have a great week and remember that He revives us!

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