Thursday, February 9, 2012

Beautiful Things

This past week in NewSong, we had the privilege of learning under Jeremy Steele, our Next Generation Minister. Jeremy and I both love a Christian band called Gungor. For months, he has been asking the band to do a song called "Beautiful Things" by this band. We finally had the perfect instrumentation last week and did the song. Wow. In light of the tragic murder of Officer Steven Green, Jim led us in a prayer time where we remembered Officer Green's family as well as the family of his murderer. To sing the words "All around hope is springing up from this old ground. Out of chaos, life is being found in You," was a humbling and and emotional experience. God truly does make beautiful things out of the dust and out of us. I am consistently reminded of that when I look back to the beginning of my walk with Christ. To remember where I've come from doesn't show the great work of me and how I've improved myself. It really shows where the Lord has brought me! I could not have taken a single step towards the life I lead now without Him showing me the path. I was truly surrounded in darkness until He came.
We also sang the old hymn "It is Well." In case you have never heard the history behind this old hymn, you should read this page.

As we move forward to this week *** SPOILER ALERT!*** (quit reading if you don't want to know what's happening this Sunday)
Tammy and Paul will be joining us to read Scripture throughout our worship service. We will also be singing the song "Never Once" by Matt Redman. I encourage you to be in prayer that the Lord will move in our hearts as we are immersed in worship and Scripture. Come prepared to meet with the King of kings and Lord of lords. He is great and mighty. Holy and wonderful. And certainly faithful!
I can't wait to be with all of you again on Sunday!!

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