Monday, January 30, 2012

Demons. And Oreos. And Beef Jerky.

Our planning meeting for NewSong was going great last Monday. We discussed worship and the sermon all morning as well as improvements that we'd like to make for the upcoming week. I brewed coffee for everyone and served it. More like I let them borrow the Keurig in my office, and get it themselves. Then I asked Jim, "Dr. Reverend James V. Kinder, what is your excellency teaching on this week?" Well, I really didn't ask it like that, but you get the idea. Then the response came quite casually. "I'm preaching on casting out demons." The first thought into my head was "Is he going to use a clip from The Exorcism?" Seeing as how I've never seen that movie, I don't know if it'd be appropriate but that's really what I thought. Then I started wondering what in the world I'd be leading people in singing that had to do with demons. We don't make a habit of singing songs about the devil in NewSong. In fact, it may be illegal to sing about the devil, in the Unspoken Laws of Church People. I think the only song we even mentioned him in is in Alive In Us by Hillsong. We sing "The enemy is under your feet. We are free!" but that's alright because we are singing Romans 16:20. Maybe the loophole is if we are singing Scripture about Satan.
Anyways, after a few minutes of trying to think of songs with Satan in them and trying to figure out what to sing that directly correlated to the message, I gave up and just planned a worship set that I felt like the Lord was drawing out for us. Good thing I did that! Yesterday was an awesome time of worship. We opened up with "Set Free" our new song from Passion: Here For You. We worshiped and enjoyed our time with the Lord and our brothers and sisters in Christ. Landon led us in a song that he did back at home called "Heaven Song". It's a song by Phil Wickham and I recommend that everyone owns it! I remember those old songs about crossing the River Jordan that my Momma sang and loved so dearly. This is a modern "I'm gonna cross the River Jordan on the other side of this mountain on my way home on an uphill climb in snow both ways" kinda song. (if you didn't understand that one, it's okay. talk to your grandpa. he will explain it! he walked uphill in snow both ways once upon a time.)
This week, I am looking forward to another great week worshiping together on Sunday. I hope that you take some time this week to worship on your own. I once heard a worship leader say that our worship on Sunday should look like our worship on Tuesday. When he said it, it hit me in between the eyes. Take some time today and sing to the Lord. If you don't sing, rap. If you don't rap, write. If you don't write, talk. If you don't talk, work for the Lord. Do what He created you to do and do it for Him!

Oh. The Oreos and beef jerky part of the title. I would just like to announce to the world that I took a break on my diet this weekend. I had 5 Oreos and a big ole' beef jerky. It reminded me that when I get overwhelmed with stresses and finances and how much gas costs, I've got to take a break. Whatever I needed to get done in such a rush can wait. Sometimes it's okay to eat some Oreos and beef jerky. I need to do that more often. Don't we all need to do that more often?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Well this blog post has been a long time coming! I've had a few requests for song titles, lyrics, and ideas about the music that we do in NewSong each week.
I thought I'd start taking time to post about the songs we do, and how I pick them and find them. But first, to catch up on the past few weeks!!
On January 1st, we had a great time of worship with a few instruments and a lot of singing. That morning, I did a song called "Never Once" by Matt Redman. The song is off of his newest CD called "10,000 Reasons". We sing 10,000 Reasons as part of our regular worship and I must say, when I want to sing anthems of praise and freedom to the Lord, I pop this CD in. It's a masterpiece! Matt does a great job providing catchy songs that usher you into the presence of the Lord with just a simple listen. His songs are raw about the life that we lead and remind me of the triumph that Jesus has attained. "Never Once" reminded me that at the end of the day, when I'm kneeling on the battleground of my life, the Lord never left me alone. He brought every victory and I need only to be still and let Him fight for me.
Most recently, we've been playing a good number of songs off of the Passion:Here For You album. This album was released in March 2011. I was at Passion Conference 2011 and got to experience these songs led by their writers with 20,000 other college-aged students. This album is one that I've listened to thoroughly and I never get tired of singing the songs. Last week, January 22nd, we did three songs from the album entitled, "Here For You", "Waiting Here For You" and "All My Fountains". All three are incredible songs. "Waiting Here For You" is truly musically beautiful but the declaration of the people of God to wait on the Lord's plan is very special. Where else do you find a group of people who openly declare that they will wait for something? Our society wants everything now so to stand with brothers and sisters in Christ and make the bold declaration that we want the Lord to move but we will wait on Him is exhilarating. The fact that we'd praise Him in the waiting is amazing. Waiting for the Lord has meant so many things to me personally, from waiting on finances, on relationships, on clarity in direction, on Him to speak to me, that I know this song speaks for all of our lives.
As I mentioned previously, we also did a song called "All My Fountains". I can't tell you all how happy I was to finally do this song!! I've loved it since I heard it the first time. We have FANTASTIC musicians that volunteer each week and this was the week where I finally had the exact combination to pull this song off. Landon did a great job leading it! There a few songs that I love to just shout to the Lord, and this is one of those. "Open the Heavens/ Come living Water/ All my fountains are in You!" What a privilege it is to sing Scripture!

Just in case you are looking for more music to listen to, Matt Maher's newest CD called "The Love in Between" is fantastic.
If you ever want to know about a song that we do in NewSong, please contact me at
I hope that you all have a great week! I'm excited for what the Lord has in store this week as we will worship together again.