Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I know that this seems like an odd thing to talk about.. but I have a fantastic sense of smell. I don't have it in the way that you can blindfold me and I can name whatever you put in my face. Meaning, I don't necessarily IDENTIFY scents well, but I certainly can smell extremely well. I can smell when someone has been in a coffee shop, even if it was hours ago. I can smell when you've been to get gas, grab a drink, or when you didn't shower this morning. I tend to be extremely sensitive to smells of people around me. Just ask my boyfriend - I won't hug him even if he even so much as thinks about sweating. It drives me crazy sometimes because I don't want to be near people when I don't favor the way they smell. There are awesome people that I don't want to be around because their smell drives me nutty. There are some people that I'll instinctively scoot closer to solely because they smell good.

When I read the Bible, I find at times that I always stay in the places that smell good. I stay in the books and chapters where the Lord is doing great things. I stay in the places where my heart is captured again by the saving grace and love of the Lord for His people. I scoot closer to these books. For those books that are particularly challenging and baffling to my sense of who God is, I can stay away. They are awesome books. God-breathed Scripture. God's Word for my heart and my life. But just as I have to deal with foul smelling people at some point, I have to deal with Scriptures that I don't think smell very good. If I didn't smell bad scents, I wouldn't know how to appreciate the good scents. They are all unavoidable if I want to live a full life, and talk to and appreciate all of God's people.
The Scripture that I don't prefer to read is the same for me. I have to get over my initial problem that it doesn't appeal to me. Then I'm often surprised at the heart-changing, life-giving quality of the words once I start to read. Those books of the Law, those hard words, those hard to understand words and those long lists of names can smell bad at first, and then I learn to love the scent.
My grandmother's house always smelled funny to me. Now that she has gone on to be with the Lord, it's the most treasured smell that I find. Those obscure prophets always sounded funny to me. Now I hold many of their Scriptures deep in my heart.

The Lord doesn't always have an appealing, wonderful, baked bread smell. Sometimes it's a little stinky or funky. And that is what is perfect about Him. Once I get to know Him, I learn to love those scents too.
So dig in deep to His Word. Get over the fact that some of the parts may not smell very good to you at first. The Lord will draw you to Himself through those times and you'll learn to love, cherish and appreciate the scent of the Word.

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