Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guate Day 27!

It's hard to rank days here because they are all amazing. But today was definitely in the top three, if not #1.
I got up and refused to take a shower because I'm child and that's what children do. I didn't really want to work so I put on a hat and a sweatshirt and after breakfast, I decided to watch the gringos work. I watched them break up the dirt in front of the new patio so that a sidewalk could go there and I watched them break up cement so that the sidewalk could go there. I was encouraging with my words and I even told them that if they stood on the otherside of the pick ax, it would gain them enough leverage to pick up the huge piece of concrete. So I helped, right?! lol.
I sat on the jungle gym and Elias and Pepas came out. They talked for a few minutes, left for a few and then on Pepas returned. We sat and talked for a while and he told me more of his background and his story. I was happy that he felt comfortable to share it with me. We just sat around and watched the gringos work on putting up the roof of the patio. Elias came back and had gone with Chris and Jacob to La Torre for some stuff. He brought me back a Coke (how nice!) and we ate his snacks. I don't know what they were but they were the best snack I've ever eaten I think. They were so good! And bite-sized so that it's easy to eat! haha.. A guy from the Army was here and he talked to Pepas about joining the US military. I didn't know that if you got your visa, came and joined the military and worked in it, they'll give you citizenship after 2 years. You also get all the same benefits and pay as citizens. That's pretty cool!
Chus had come out by this time and was asking him funny questions. Elias came up with the bright idea to ask, "Have you shot any children?!" and I turned around and said, "Do you think he'd want to be reminded if he had?!" and everyone laughed. Thank goodness the guy is in training to be a chaplain and hadn't. I would've felt bad for him if he would have had to say yes. The very next question I guessed for them. I said, "They want to know what kinds of weapons you use." They all cracked up laughing again because I was exactly right. He talked about his guns and they thought it was cool. Chris came out sometime around then and sat on the jungle gym with us and chatted. I stayed out there and enjoyed the sun even after the boys went to lunch and to change for school. Chris sat out there for most of the time with me but I waited until 12:30 so that I could tell the boys to have a good day at school. I always like seeing them in their suits. They look so nice! I said bye to them and came in to take a shower before lunch.
I got ready and we started eating lunch a little after 1. After lunch, I went to Esperanza and hung out. Julisa was talking to Jessie when Roberto finally got online. I had been impatient all day because it was his day to see if he got approved for his visa. I asked him and he told me to check Facebook. I think I may have screamed when I saw, "Robert Valla: Tn here I come!" I was so excited!!! I talked to him for a minute and then called Momma to tell her. She was super pumped too. Julisa had to go to sewing at 3 so I took my computer back to the gringo house so that I could talk to Roberto for a minute. I stopped by the school because the boys were on break and talked to them. I was so excited and they were laughing at me. They're always laughing at me.
I talked to Roberto and Tim and I were Facebooking back and forth. He told me Patty was on the way to get me for dinner celebration. I got ready and hung out around the gringo house until she got there. I walked over to tell Julisa that I was going and talked to her for a few minutes. Patty came and got me so I dropped my computer off with Tomasa who gave it to Chiquis and I left with Patty. We had to wait on Carlos 7 at the bus stop near San Lucas and once we got him, we went to the City. We went to Applebee's!! It was so funny to go in there and it was all the same. The decor was the same, the menu was almost exactly the same (except the descriptions were in Spanish) and NFL football was even on TV! I sat between Denis and Roberto and Tim told me about the day and how everything had gone. Roberto told me a little bit but Tim was more outwardly excited than Roberto was. We ate some dinner and hung out then headed on our way. Patty took me, Carlos 7 and Roberto back to Casa. We stood around for a while when she went inside for a few minutes. It was really cold outside so we went to the gringo house to sit. A few minutes later, we went back over and they left.
It was such a fun night getting to eat dinner with all of them. I had a blast!!! Denis said, "I've never even heard of this place before. Have you eaten here?" and I said, "Only like 40 times in the past two years," and he laughed at me.
I came back and put on my pajamas and went to Esperanza. It was really cold by now! The girls were talking to Jessie and watching a movie on TV. I didn't make it too long cuz I was pooped. I eventually went to sleep and don't remember what the girls were doing. I remember saying goodnight to Jessie but that doesn't mean much. lol.
Julisa got me up at 5:45 this morning so that I could head back over to the gringo house.
Today I plan on packing up most of my stuff, writing a few notes, hanging out with everyone, taking some pictures and then the boys are buying me pizza tonight. I'll of course then hang out with my girls.
I've been trying to put a timeline on everything that's happened since I've been here but I can't. I've been trying to figure out if I could stay here for longer and I most definitely can. It's not whether I could or not.. It's whether I'd be happy here or not. And I would be. I definitely would be.
As for now, I'm putting off taking a shower as always. I'll eat breakfast in a little while con los gringos.
I hope that you all are doing well. I'm doing great. Kind of sad but not really because I never get sad until I'm in the car, going to the airport. I'm going to enjoy my last day with my favorite people in the world!!
-courtney leigh

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