Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guate Day 26!

Got up kind of late with the girls and headed back to take a shower and eat some breakfast. The gringos did skits for Children's Church so I was all alone for a while which was kind of nice. I got ready for church and walked over around 8:40. I was standing in a corner and suddenly, all of the university boys were standing right in front of me. They kept talking to me and bothering me during worship so by the end of the second song, I moved and hid among the gringos. :)
I came back and they bugged me some more for the three minutes of offering that I was standing there. After that, gringos were dismissed until gringo church. I stood around for a while with Adam and Chris and Duke and then just sat down for a while. Gringo church was very good. Mike is talking about the strategies of Satan and this week was how Satan is the deceiver.
After Bible, I found Roberto and we walked to the gringo house so that I could put on warmer clothes (it was freezing!) and then we sat on the front porch of Estrallitas. I was pretty tired and my Sunday nap was encroaching upon me sitting there watching the rain and listening to music. I didn't have too much to say, mostly because I was tired and Roberto didn't have very much to say either. Eventually, I went to eat lunch and he went to talk to some folks and then left. I'm kind of sad that I was so tired while he was here but it happens I guess.
I went to eat and then went to Esperanza. They played on my computer and watched TV. I fell asleep until Chiquis came in at 5:30 telling me that the boys were looking for me. I got up, went to the gringo house to change clothes and then headed out with the boys.
We went to San Lucas so that they could go to La Torre for some stuff and Elias and I needed to buy minutes for the gringos' phone. We, unfortunately, could not complete that task because we didn't know the phone number and couldn't find it anywhere. After that, we ate somewhere and it was really good. I just got whatever Jacob got (I'm finding that's a pretty safe bet) and it was super good. The boys and I had lots of fun just hanging out. We caught a bus to SanBar and walked to see Elias' sister and then were pretty close to heading home. Some eventful things happened and we ended up at Casa relatively quickly. I'll have to explain it later but it's not a huge deal.
We came back and sat outside talking for a while and Chris came and talked with us as well.
I went over to Esperanza around 9:20 and watched "Miss Guatemala 2010" with them. They were so funny looking at the girls and talking about their evening gowns. It was just like watching it at home with a bunch of girls. The one from their area came in second so they were mad but happy that she got an award at all. It ended at 10 and they messed with me for a while before we all went to bed. It was a fun night with them! Every night is a fun night with them.
Sorry that this post is a little late. My routine has been messed up a little.
I hope you all are doing well. I'm happy as always!!
-courtney leigh

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