Sunday, August 15, 2010

Guate Day 25!

I slept at the gringo house because I knew that I'd have to wake up at 4:30. My alarm went off at 4:15 and I turned it off in my sleep apparently. At 4:32, I woke up! The backup alarm went off when I was about to be in the shower. I'm glad that I woke up in spite of alarms! I got showered, dressed and ready by 5:30 and ate some breakfast. I hung out and then by 6:20, the kids were outside, waiting to get on the bus to Zapote. We finally loaded up and got out by 6:55. Pretty good for the goal of 6:30! I thought it would be more like 7:30. The gringos and the kids hopped on the cheese wagon and Elias, Chris, Mr. Duke and I hopped in the van with Adam and most of the stuff.
We went through Antigua to go to Zapote. On the way into Antigua, Fuego (a volcano) was waking up. We saw the puff of smoke up in the air and it was pretty neat. A volcano erupting isn't ever cool because of the destruction but I enjoyed seeing it. It wasn't exploding all over everyone but just releasing a little congestion. lol. It was pretty neat to see in real life.
We went through Antigua and ended up on some roads leading to the volcano. I think Zapote is on Fuego but don't quote me on that. I didn't ask. But we passed through some really interesting parts. We had to cross four rivers. Some were only 10 ft across but some were probably 50 ft across. There were no bridges. We got lost only a little bit on the way but eventually ended up there. We were closer to the coast and definitely in the "jungle" parts and it was humid! I was so happy to feel dense humidity. Of course that made it a little hot but I still liked it! The people were really happy that we were there. Adam said the pastor almost started crying when we told him we were coming because he said no one ever wanted to come out that far and do something like that for them. We got into the village and the kids started chasing the bus in excitement. We went out to a clearing/soccer field near their tiny school and set up everything. They let us borrow their speakers and were incredibly friendly. The jumpy things were going as well as games and grilling hot dogs. The gringos played soccer with them and two casa kids as well as one gringo dressed up as clowns. The people seemed to really enjoy the party. The Gospel was shared and one kid asked a casa kid to help him accept Christ. As Adam said, it was all worth it just for that one kid.
It started raining so we had to pack up and leave around noon. We got back on the road and the rivers had risen a little bit but not enough to stop us from going through. I fell asleep quite quickly on the way back. I was asleep on the bumpiest parts but I was so tired that I didn't care. I think everyone in the van was asleep except Adam and Mr. Duke. Adriana was sitting on the floor and fell asleep. We got back, unloaded and the gringos ordered pizza. We ate some pizza and then Chris and Elias looked up movies times. By the time we were finishing eating, it was about 3. I went over and gave the girls my computer, picked up Julisa and asked Adriana's dorm parents if it was okay that she went with us. By 3:30, Chris, Julisa, Adriana, Chus, Jacob, Pepas, Elias, and I were on the way to the movies! We had to run by a few places and we picked up Elias' sister but got to the movie theater by 5:20. We got the tickets and then walked to a gas station to get snacks. We sat there and ate them and just chilled until 6:30. We went back and everyone got popcorn, etc. We went in and watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice. It was in English with Spanish subtitles. Pepas and Julisa sat on either side of me, both of them holding my hand. I pretty much don't walk without someone holding my hand now. All of them do. Boys included.
The movie was pretty good and everyone seemed to have a good time. We headed back to Casa and got here about 9. I watched the gringos practice their skits for the next morning in Bible and then went to Esperanza and went to sleep.
It was such a good day. Going to the block party was fun and I'm so glad that I went. Going to the movies with my favorites was even better. I was like a little kid on Christmas day on the way there which I'm sure was annoying but I was so excited. I am so privileged to know each one of these folks. I count it as very much a blessing that I know them.
It was a great day. Super long but SUPER great!!! I had a blast!!!!
I hope that you all are doing well. I've started reading the book of Joshua. I started a while ago and it surely is a good book!
I'm going to go grab some breakfast before church. It's freezing here. I mean like COLD! I mean like long sleeve t-shirt, fleece and sweatpants and I'm still cold COLD.
-courtney leigh

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  1. CC,
    I LOVE YOUR BLOG! What an incredible experience you are having. I'm looking forward to seeing you when you get back.