Saturday, August 14, 2010

Guate Day 24!

The morning was not my friend yesterday. The girls tried to wake me up all morning but I slept through their pitiful attempts. At 8, I woke up thinking that they were at breakfast. Nope. They had been in school for over an hour! Oops!!!
I hung out with the boys and with David as he was preparing to leave. I put off taking a shower as long as I could because the gringos from Teen Challenge were cleaning the women's bathroom. At noon, I showered and got ready for the day. David left a little before lunch time.
I ate a late lunch with the gringos and then headed to the other side. I was outside, watching the girls play when all of the sudden, Julisa disappeared. She went out for the day without even telling me! lol.. And to think that she is always mad at me for leaving even when I do say something to her about it. I sat outside until about 4 when I came back to the gringo house and called Mom and Daddy. I said hello and then washed my hair and got ready. We were supposed to go to Elias' niece's birthday but Chris couldn't take us so Elias, Chus, Pepas, Jacob and I went to SanBar. I first stopped by Esperanza to see Julisa but she wasn't there so I just left my computer and went on.
We went to San Bar and went to eat (as always) and then just hung around. We walked around, saw a bunch of people that they knew, and enjoyed being outside. Got back around 8:30 and helped Adam finish up loading the trailer and prayed with the team. I went over to Esperanza and said goodnight and got my computer and came back to the gringo house. Since we were planning on leaving at 6:30, I figured I didn't want to wake the girls up that early on their one day off. They appreciated that even though they didn't want me to leave.
I hung out downstairs and did a load of laundry before I finally went to bed at 11.
It was a pretty slow day and boring but it was still lovely. I got to hang out with everyone. The best part was that Elias bought the girls Pepsi and Dorito's so they weren't even mad at me! lol. As Chris said, "They are easy to bribe."
Sorry that this one was boring but too much has happened since yesterday for me to remember!! I'll write about today later on tonight.
Hope you all are doing well!
-courtney leigh

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