Friday, August 13, 2010

Guate Day 23!

Pan de banano dia!! Banana Bread Day!
Got up, went to eat banana bread with the girls and then came back to the gringo house. I got showered and dressed and ready to go to Antigua. We left around 8:20 to Antigua. When we got there, Elias and I went to see the hospital/church where he had his surgery a while ago. It was really pretty and Elias talked for a while about his surgery and everything that happened with it. It was a nice walk. We went after that to find Dorito's and shampoo for the girls. Elias was so sweet to come along with me to find stuff for the girls who are always mad at him. lol. It's true though!
After that, we went to a cafe where Chris was and drank coffee until 11:30 when we met David, Pepas and the girls to head back to Casa. We got back and I came to eat lunch with the gringos. I sat around for a while until I was positive that the girls were out of lunch. I went over, stopped for a while to talk to Adriana and then went to Esperanza. The girls talked to Jessie on Skype and were watching novelas. I gave them their shampoo and Dorito's. About 2:45, I fell asleep (only sleeping 4.5 hours a night makes that happen often in the afternoons) and I didn't wake up until the girls were already back from dinner. 5:45!! They said that they were poking me and talking to me to try to wake me up but they couldn't. I was OUT! I woke up and they were laughing at me. I don't blame them.
I got up and came back to find that the gringos had already eaten. I didn't mind very much because I woke up with a headache from sleeping that long. I sat around until the boys got out of school and we went to ask Chris if we could go to SanBar. I had to wait for them to change so we left about 6:20. Elias, Chus, Jacob, Pepas and I went. We walked around for a while so that they could decide something to eat. Eventually we went to a place that I hadn't been to before and got hamburgers. They were pretty good. Not quite the same but still good. Victorinos came on so they sat and watched that while eating. We left and went to the square. People are already setting up their booths for the big festival that will be on the 20th. Chus and I went to get a tostada with beans on it because what's a night in SanBar without one?! lol.
We watched the girls playing soccer and by this time, the Casa girls who were playing had gotten there. There were a bunch of Casa people. We sat around and then walked to get Jacob and Pepas and Chus some chicken and fries. We sat again in the square and watched the Casa girls play. Around 9 or 9:30 (I don't know which it was), we rode back with Alex to Casa. I was so tired that I laid my head on Elias shoulder and almost fell asleep on the short ride home. I was pooped!!
I got back, went to Esperanza and they were watching novelas and playing on my computer as usual. We went to bed around 11 and I was happy to go to sleep. I woke up this morning multiple times but apparently refused to abandon the bed. I woke up at 7:30. lol. The girls had gone to school and just left me! I don't blame them and I'm kind of glad that they did.
I don't have much planned for today except we are supposed to go to Elias' niece's birthday party tonight. I'm so excited about that.
I'll write more later! I love you all mucho!!
-courtney leigh

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