Thursday, August 12, 2010

Guate Day 22!

By far one of the best days that I've had here!
I woke up and came back to the gringo house to take a shower. I got all ready to go to Antigua by 7:15. I came down to eat breakfast with the gringos. We had chocolate chip pancakes and they were so good! After I ate pancakes, I went to find the boys to leave. They were on the other side. I ended up walking around a lot looking for people but eventually I found Chris. We got back to the other side and since Adam's truck had broken down on Chris in the City the night before, we had to postpone the trip. Instead, the 7 of us walked to San Lucas and explored quite a bit. We drank some coffee and walked around all morning. Eventually, we ended up at Pollo Campero to get the guys lunch. David and I were waiting until we came back. We caught a bus for the last 3 kilometers. Elias was thoroughly against catching a bus for some reason but after a little bit of fighting, I convinced him it was okay for me to ride it. We got back to Casa and I said bye to the boys and went to lunch. They went to school. I sat around for a bit after lunch just chatting and hanging out. I wrote my blog and then headed to band practice.
I sat outside at band practice and it was freezing!! I stayed out there until Career had a break and I talked to Elias and Pepas. At one point, Pepas was joking around and grabbed my arms so hard and I was screaming and he realized it hurt so he stopped. I was kind of mad after that because my arms really hurt but I think it may have clued all of them in that I'm breakable and they can't keep beating me up. They all looked at me with puppy dog eyes after that. lol. I didn't get bitten once afterwards!
I left band practice to come back and help with dinner but they had it all under control. We ate tacos pretty early and then I got dressed for Bible and headed over to the other side.
Chus stopped me on the way and asked me to walk him to Chris' apartment so I did. We walked in and I figured Chus would stay there to eat but he didn't. About an hour later, Chris and I were still talking. I didn't even notice what time it was until I was definitely late for Bible. All of the sudden, I heard a knock at the door. I realized it wasn't one of the boys because no one walked in right afterward. I figured it was a gringo but I heard someone asking for me. I turned around and Roberto was there!! I ran and attacked him. Naturally. lol.
I got my stuff and said bye to Chris and then walked with Roberto down the stairs. He said he had to move the car to the outside and asked if we could use my keys to get back in. I said sure. Denis was in the car when I got there so my excitement doubled. If that was possible. We went out the front door (the kids were still in Bible so we couldn't go through the back gate) and he said, "Hey! I'm really hungry! Can we stop to get something?!" so I said sure. We stopped and got some pizza and came back to Casa. We came back and by this time, the kids were out. We stopped to talk to Arnulfo (the whole reason he had come) about papers that he needed for his visa. After that, the boys had to leave. They headed back home and I headed to change. I walked in the gringo house and David said, "Oooooooohh!!! You're in TROUBLE! Everyone was looking for you!!" hahahaha. Apparently the kids had missed me at Bible. A few of them asked him where I was. I explained to him where I had been and he laughed because I was so excited to have seen the boys. I changed real quick and headed over to Esperanza.
Chiquis and Julisa were about to be asleep but they popped up real quick and got on my computer. They talked to Jessie on my computer while I talked to Roberto on my phone. We stayed up talking about random things until 11! I finally fell asleep on everyone at 11.
It was such a good day!! I love walking around with Elias and Pepas and the girls. I also loved getting to see Roberto and Denis. I almost peed my pants when I realized it was him! Then I loved getting to be with two of my favorite girls in the whole wide world. They're so awesome, even if they like talking to Jessie more than me. lol. Just kidding. But seriously.
I've gotta run to take a shower and get to Antigua so I'll write more later. I love you all very much and I hope that you are doing well. Much love!!
-courtney leigh

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