Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guate Day 21!

Yesterday was a pretty relaxed day. I got up, went to breakfast and then went to PE with the girls. I watched them play soccer and hung out with Bety. I feel like she grows exponentially everyday. I walked them to their next class then hung out with Pepas until the boys were done with their homework. Jacob came outside and he was doing homework too. Eventually Elias and Chus came outside with us as well. We sat out there and hung out and planned a party for Aaron because it was his last night. They went to school at 1 and I went with Josue to show the new gringos around because I had keys to the gates. I came back to the gringo house to get my computer and took it to the girls so that Adriana and Celeste could talk to Jessie on Skype.
They sat in Julisa's room and talk on Skype with Jessie. I sat on the bed and eventually got bored so I took a nap. Julisa was napping too. They call me lazy but I don't have anything else to do while they are doing that so why not? lol. I woke up around 4:20 and Julisa was going to do dishes. The girls and I sat in their room and hung out until they went to dinner. I took my computer to the gringo house and hung out for a while. Eventually I took a shower and put on my PJs. The boys and I ordered pizza for us and I bought one for my girls. It didn't get there until around 8:30 so I took my computer and their pizza to them and came back to eat with the guys. We sat around and ate pizza and had a wonderful time. It was Pepas, Elias, Chus, Jacob, Aaron, David and I. We hung out just talking until about 9:30. I went over to Esperanza and the girls were filled and happy with pizza and talking to Jessie. We talked for a while because I was full of energy but about 11, I fell asleep. Julisa was working on homework and still got up at 4:30. I actually woke up with her but didn't really gain consciousness until 5:45.
The new gringos that came in are military with young guys. When I got back at 5:45, the guys were doing PT on the other side and the lady with them was already working on their breakfast. They were back inside by 6:25 to eat breakfast so I went to take a shower.
I'll write about the rest of my day in a little while!!!
Yesterday was pretty relaxed and it was very nice. I've been so happy hanging out with Pepas again along with the rest of boys!
Well I kind of miss ya'll but not too much. hahaha. I do, however, sincerely hope that you are doing well!! I'm doing GREAT!!!
-courtney leigh

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