Monday, August 9, 2010

Guate Day 19!

As these numbers get bigger, it's depressing. lol.
Sunday morning I woke up to Julisa coming to get in bed with me. She and I took a nap and didn't wake up until 7:15! I came over to the gringo house and David was finishing up laundry so I helped him and then he made breakfast. He joked that if anything, the army made him a good housewife. lol. He made eggs and toast. He kind of overestimated on me because he made me as many eggs as him. I was SO full by the time we were finished. It was so good though and very nice of him to do that. We both went to take a shower and then headed over to Bible. Since we can't hear the bell, we were a few minutes late. I felt bad about that.
Esdras taught on Sunday because Mike is still feeling bad from his eye surgery. Instead of having gringo church with Esdras, we all went over to Pastor's house. I played a few songs that everyone knew and then Pastor shared the Word. He talked about Gideon and how he humbled himself extremely low to obey God's commands to only take 300 men into battle. He talked about how we often just think the stories in the Bible are stories and not real life events and how we often take pride in ourselves for something that God has done. I really enjoyed his sharing. We finished up and I changed and went to the other side. I said hey to the girls eating lunch and then went to the soccer game. It was an eventful game. They lost 4-0 and a few of them got hurt. Pepas hurt his ankle pretty badly and came out pretty quickly. He sat with David for the rest of the game. Elias got hit a couple times and then got a bloody nose. We all came back to Casa and they went to take showers and stuff. Roberto was here so we got to spend the rest of the afternoon together. It was cool. We sat and watched it rain and just talked.
After he left, I went to the gringo house and a group of new ones are here. They're extremely nice. They had been traveling all day and were looking pretty worn. They ate dinner around 5:30 and I ate with them. Not even two minutes after I was finished, the boys knocked on the gate and said, "We're going to SanBar. Hurry up!" I hurried up and got my stuff and we set off. Jacob, Julio, Pepas, Chus, Elias and I. I gave them all of the Q I had and told them to eat off of that. It was only like $10. We went to the tiny place that we always go to and the boys ate a bunch of food. I was sitting there and Jacob said, "Why didn't you go get water since you hate the milk?" and I said that I forgot. 60 seconds later, Julio returned with a water for me and something orange for Jacob. Jacob is so laid back but so nice. I don't think I've met anyone as cool and collected as he is. He had sent him to get it for me. How nice!
I ate a tostada with beans and it was good. We finished and walked back. They stopped by tiendas on the way getting cokes and stuff. We came back and Elias told me to wait outside so I did. Pepas came walking over and asked if he could sit down. I said sure. We talked for a while and worked everything out. I was so happy. It was very exciting! I'm pretty sure that the only reason he did it was because David is his sponsor and David told him that he had to talk to me. I talked to David this morning and he said they talked about it for a little while and Pepas realized that he didn't have a good reason to be mad at me so he should talk to me. I'm very grateful for that.
So he and I talked and hung out for a while. The other boys hung out with Aaron. About 9:30, Elias said, "Hey! Emily is talking to you on Skype!!" I had NO idea what time it was and so I looked up, went to change really quickly and headed to Esperanza. I had completely forgotten about Emily's Skype date with Julisa and I didn't even know what time it was. I felt awful because Emily was signed off by the time I got there.
But Julisa and I went to sleep and got up this morning. I didn't wake up until 6:40. Today, I'm gonna eat a sandwich while the girls are eating dinner and spend the whole night with them. I felt so bad that I forgot. I know I can't make it up, but I'm gonna try!!
Right now, I'm waiting Chris and David. We're going to build an entertainment center for Chris. I told them I would help because I'm actually kind of good at that kind of stuff. Thank you robotics. lol.
I hope that everyone is doing well! I'm back on my schedule so I'll be posting tonight or tomorrow morning. I love you all very much!!
-courtney leigh

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