Monday, August 9, 2010

Guate Day 18!

I'm a bad blogger. But I'm catching it all up this morning!!
Saturday morning I got up and went to breakfast with the girls. Aaron told me right before I went to eat that he got sick last time he ate the pancakes. I ate 3/4 of one before I was full and had to give the rest away. It may have been a little bit of a mental thing. We ate and then I went back to the girls' dorm. We played for a little while before I headed back to the gringo house to say goodbye to the TN boys. I said goodbye and then painted Chris' cabinet again before I took a shower and went back to the girls' side. We hung out for a little while and just played around.
We watched the boys and girls play in a soccer tournament that was organized by their teachers. I eventually went back over to the gringo side to work on laundry that the other gringos had left. A new gringo, David had gotten here. He's SUPER nice. Adriana had told me that he was and she was excited about him being here and now I understand why. He helped with the laundry and baked a cake. We helped Adam get ready for a party at his house for the kids who have been throwing the block parties. He had to run to Antigua so the kids came over to the gringo house for a bit and played cards until Adam got back. David and Adam grilled hot dogs and we had those, chips, and drinks. It was a fun party. Elias had me translating for him on chats. We ended up watching a little bit of Twilight. David was cracking up because Elias was sitting in my lap watching Twilight. lol.. it was pretty funny. Despite his lack of weight, he was warm which was nice to me because I was freezing!!
We all had an in-depth conversation about Twilight and how Edward is kind of a good example because of the way that he protects Bella at all times. Elias said his momma taught him to always be like that, which I've seen because he's overprotective about taking me places.
It was a fun party at Adam's. We had a great time. I went over to Esperanza and Julisa was sleeping somewhere else so I was all alone!!
Well I'm going to write about Sunday now! Next post!
-courtney leigh

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