Saturday, August 7, 2010

Guate Day 17!

Well I am writing this one kind of late. Oops!! Sorry!
I spent the night at the gringo house so I tried to sleep as late as possible. I stayed up pretty late the night before so I slept until about 9:30. I was restless after 6 but I tried my best. The gringos also had on all the lights and didn't really care that I was still asleep so it made it difficult. I got up, messed around and eventually took a shower. I went over to the girls' side at 12:45 and waited for Julisa. We hung out for a while until she went to band and I came back to the gringo house. I got ready to go out to the block party.
When we left, it was raining but by the time we had gotten there, the rain held off a bit. It was a beautiful little village and we set up in the town square. It was wet everywhere but the kids had a blast playing all of the games, eating cotton candy and jumping on those blow up things. I really need to figure out what the correct word is for that considering I've been saying, "blow up things" for a while now.
The gringos also grilled hot dogs and gave those and juice boxes away. The people ate, had fun and heard the Gospel. Elias translated for the youth minister from Virginia. A little while after he was done translating, he looked and me and said, "It feels good." I asked "What?" He said, "Sharing the Gospel with these people." I don't know why that impacted me like it did but as we continued to watch the kids play and listen to music, I continuously let those words sink in. As he was sharing, most of the kids kept playing their games. Most of the teenagers kept on with their conversations. The adults kept on with what they were doing. I was standing there, looking at all of the people NOT paying attention to what they were saying. However, Elias saw it the complete opposite way. He was looking at who WAS paying attention. He saw what was more important in that moment.
We got back to Casa around 7 or 7:30 and the kids went to eat in the blue building. After they finished, we unloaded the trailer and the gringos' pizza got here. Chris had ordered some for him and the boys. He invited me over to eat with them and I went but I didn't eat any. I wanted them to eat. They all thought I was mad or something but I wasn't. I was kinda bummed because Pepas' sponsor got here yesterday and it still bothers me a lot that Pepas and I don't talk. I miss him a lot and it was kind of overwhelming yesterday. But we watched Bad Boys and it was really funny. I love spending time with those guys. They are really great. Elias went so far as to get mad at me because I wasn't eating but I reassured him that I was fine and that I really didn't want him to be mad and he was fine.
I left around 10 and saw the TN guys next door at Josue's apartment so I said hello and then came to the gringo house. They were playing cards so I sat down for a few minutes before I changed and went over to Esperanza. Allie went with me. We got there late and the girls were already asleep. I bugged Julisa until she fell asleep. I was asleep very soon after.
It was a really great day. I had so much fun watching the people at the block party. I let Celeste take pictures so I haven't even looked but I'll try to get those on FB sometime within the next day or so.
I hope that you all are doing well!! I'm fabulous as always :)
-courtney leigh

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