Friday, August 6, 2010

Guate Day 16!

I woke up and came over to the gringo house as usual. I ate an early breakfast and tried to avoid people for the most part. I was still in a quiet mood from the night before. I headed out after reading a little bit of the news to paint Chris' cabinet. I got about halfway done before the TN boys came out and helped me. I wasn't allowed in the house because they were cleaning it so I sat outside in the warm sunshine while it dried and waited to cover it with another coat. Again, halfway done, the boys helped me with the second coat. I immediately went over all of it again because I like to have continuous strokes instead of it looking like four people painted one cabinet. That took until lunch and we were still out of the house so we ate outside. I finally just went in after lunch to take a shower. I took a shower and got dressed and headed to the other side. I gave Celeste her Dorito's and she was pumped.
I played guitar with Adriana and Julisa. Julisa couldn't go to band because she had to wash the blankets from her dorm so I went to give her a hug and hit my head super hard on her now-bunked bed. lol. It was funny but it really hurt!! Adriana and I went to band.
I sat there forever until Elias and Franklin came out for their mid-day break. They sat with me for an hour before going back to school. I love hanging out with them.
The band got out early so we headed back over at 3:45. I went to Julisa's dorm to wait on her because she wasn't outside. I figured she'd eventually come over but she NEVER did!! I fell asleep and woke up at 5:30 still waiting on her. I don't know what she was doing! I went looking for her and she was helping clean up in the blue building. I said bye to all of the girls and came back over. We sat outside for a while and I sang while a few guys were playing guitar. We ate dinner late, around 7:20 and I went over to Chris' because Elias wanted to use my computer for Skype. Before I knew it, it was 10:30 and I knew the girls would be super mad if I came over that late. I feel bad that I'm not there but I don't wanna wake them up!!
I came out of Chris' apartment and saw a beautiful fog settled on the mountainside. I was walking and saw cell phone towers blinking in succession. That was the first time I really realized that I'm far away from home. I don't mind at all being far away but I guess it just hit me. I'm so happy to be here. I've been happy all along but it's kinda neat to realize it.
I don't know if everyone else experiences this but everytime that I'm here, I always feel like I have nothing to offer. This isn't a low-self esteem kind of comment so let me explain it! In the States, I can lead worship and do lots of other things but here, that's not of incredible use. For example, the girls want me to sing in the blue building for Bible sometime and my thoughts are, "I'm not going to be singing in Spanish. What benefit would that be for them?!" I'm still not sure where the answer is on that one. I don't want to just be entertaining. That's not ever what I want to do. Sometimes when I talk to the kids, I don't have much to say. When I talk to the older boys, they wrestle with decisions that I'm wrestling with as well since we are close in age. I don't provide wisdom. I say all of this for a purpose.
I've realized very much in a real way that I, in and of myself, have nothing to offer these kids. I don't know why they like me. I'm not the typical person that kids love. BUT God has worked in a mighty way for me to love them and for them to love me. It's absolutely amazing that I love hanging out with teenage girls here. I've realized that I can be an arm to hold onto, a friendly smile, a big hug and many other things. I don't have much to offer but what I do have, they like which is crazy.
God is amazing and the things that He has called me to, I would have never been capable of on my own. My parents told me I was a terrible singer until 9th grade. I was a nerdy person who now is getting a degree in Music. I hated teenage people, even when I was one. Now I'm here loving them more than anyone else. I am very attached to my home and my parents and my city. I'm spending a month in a foreign country where it's cold. It's so funny where God has called me over the years and where He has put me because NO ONE would have ever guessed any of this for me.
Praise be the One who knows our plans and to the One who I am following!! It's amazing to be walking with Him, letting Him lead me and unveil the plans He has for me. I know that people like to lead others on scavenger hunts and I feel like God is enjoying leading me on scavenger hunt right now. It's so lovely!!
Hope you all are doing extremely well! I love you very much and I miss ya!
-courtney leigh

P.S.-Special congratulations to Philip Long and Amber Green who got engaged!! I'm happy for ya'll!

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