Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Guate Day 13!

I got up and got ready pretty late. We messed around and chatted until Patty got here around 11. I loaded up with two gringos from the front side. They are such sweet ladies!! Mrs. Laura and Mrs. Pam. Mrs. Laura is adopting a girl from Esperanza. She's three years into the process. We went to Hiper Paiz (Wal-Mart) and Patty and I bought all of the regular stuff and the ladies bought mirrors and hangers for Esperanza upstairs. They got them a bunch of other stuff and since they were checking out separately, I also got a few things that I needed. Either I underestimated on shampoo or someone has been using it. I'm thinking it's the latter. But either way, I got some more so I'm good! I got a few other things which was nice. We then went to PriceSmart (Sam's) and bought all of the big stuff. There was plenty to buy!! They also checked out separately there so I got a box of Chiky's to bring home and a case of juice boxes because I like juice. lol. By this time, it was almost 2:30 so everyone was quite hungry. We went to a Taco Bell which was exciting. We saw some Mormons and they were happy to see the new ten dollar bill that I had. They were very nice. I did however make the dumbest comment of the day. They asked me where I was from so I told them and then asked where they were from. The guy looked at me and said, "Utah," like "You dummy. Couldn't you have figured that out?!" lol. It was kind of funny. I wanted to say, "No duh." but I refrained. We ate a good lunch and headed back towards Casa.
After we unloaded the front and were back in Patty's car to go to the back to unload, I saw Roberto walk up to Patty's window. I jumped out and gave him a HUGE hug! I was SOOO excited! He and I helped unload in the back and then walked around the to front. We talked and hung out for a while and it was so lovely. Eventually, he had to leave and I was sad but it's okay. I'll hopefully see him soon. I hung out with the girls for a little while and then sent them into dinner. I came back to the gringo house and someone said something offensive so I had to leave to bite my tongue haha.. I'm learning slowly.
I went to the girls' side and played guitar for Adriana and Tomasa and Julisa came later. Some of the gringos came out and said hello. They are so nice. They've been working dawn to dusk making cabinets for Esperanza. They've worked incredibly hard and it's awesome. They said hello and then I had to come back for dinner. We had hamburgers. Someone else said something offensive, not knowing it was me who they were offending by saying it. The girls were watching a movie and eating ice cream with the gringos from the other side. Again, I had to leave to bite my tongue so I went to Chris' apartment. We watched Shark Week and it was pretty cool. I learned what to do if someone gets bit by a shark. I feel like that could eventually come in handy.
About 9, I left and went over to Esperanza. The girls talked to Jessie until the internet was so spotty that she was getting cut off every few minutes. Julisa put me to sleep again early and I have no clue what she did after I fell asleep. They were all packed up and had everything off of their shelves in anticipation of the new cabinets today. She made me sleep on the wrong side of the bed so I'm pretty sure that I tried to push her off lol. She tried to put me on that side last night but I woke up on my side and she said "You wanted your side and you slept CRAZY!"
Haha.. I love these girls so much.
I'm loving being here and I've had some really good conversations with some of the kids. I don't necessarily share those on here because it's just not something that you post on the internet. I've loved being able to talk to them more and really learn what some of their biggest challenges are and what concerns them most.
Well now I'm off to work for the day. I hope you all are doing well!
-courtney leigh

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