Monday, August 2, 2010

Guate Day 12!

Can I start this one off by saying that I love it here? "You've Stolen My Heart" is the song of the day!
Woke up late this morning. Julisa said I just growled at her when she tried to wake me up. I'd like to say that was uncharacteristic but its not. I woke up and came back to the gringo house to get ready for church. There are a ton of people here!! I got ready and they had fixed eggs, biscuits, and bacon for 43 people. Whoa. We ate and then I walked over to the other side. Church started and it was nice. I couldn't really sing along with them but I still loved their worship.
All 65 of the gringos went and sat by the blue gringo house and hung out until Mike rang the bell. In the meantime, the older guys arrived from the City. I was so happy to see all of them. I hung out with Roberto and Denis until gringo church started. I sat with Roberto in gringo church. It was a good sermon. Mike talked about marriage. I thought that was funny for some reason. I really did enjoy it though. He used a verse from Ruth that was perfect for describing marriage.
After that, I talked to Roberto for a while about different things. Eventually we talked about how I could come back to the City if I wanted and I started crying. I'm not totally sure why but all I know is that when he said he missed me, I was so upset. I told him that I was really torn about where to be but I felt like I was making the best use of my time here even though I wanted to come spend time with him and the boys. It made me really sad to know that he missed me. There's nothing worse than one of your best friends in the world having to tell you that when for once, you are in the same country. I had prayed about it and so I feel confident that this is where I want and need to be right now. I know that God wants me here to be with all of the girls and to work. I am happy for sure. I'll get to spend time with him soon anyways!! Whether he wants to or not lol.
After that, we sat and talked for a long time about whatever. It was very lovely. Denis came over and I started teaching him some more stuff on guitar. After a while, Roberto had to leave with Salatiel. He's sick too so he went home. I sat with Denis and Franklin and taught Denis some more stuff on guitar. He's doing pretty well. I told him that if he spent more time practicing, he'd be better. lol. He responded with, "I practice like 2 minutes a day!!" lol. After a while, Franklin left and Elias joined me. We also sat for a while and then he called Chris to see if we could go eat in San Bartolo. He gave the go ahead and along with Jacob, we set out. We went to some sweet ladies and they made us dinner. Elias got me some kind of hot milk and rice and I eventually had to tell him that it was disgusting and that I'd probably throw up from just the taste. He and Jacob died laughing. They called me a silly gringa and Jacob drank it. I had a tostada with beans on it. I'm pretty confident that's my favorite. It's delicious!
We then went to a tienda and got Julisa some Dorito's. Jacob got all that the store had. Four bags. lol. We got those and headed back home. All this time, Elias had me keep my hood up. He said I was drawing a lot of attention and so I needed to keep it up. I took it off while we were eating dinner and half way through, he asked me to put it back on lol. He said people were staring with a look that said, "A gringa? In there? She's not supposed to be in there eating!" Elias is a bit overprotective so I'm assuming that has a lot to do with it. He is always worried when we go out and he takes my phone, keys and money so that I won't get them stolen. I told him that I'm fine but I do appreciate his concern. No matter what I say, I don't really have a choice. He and whoever I'm with is the boss and they win because this is their country and they know it. Not me!
We got back around dark time, stopped by the blue building where Julisa almost made me pee in my pants by scaring me, and played on skype for a little while. Elias was on my Facebook and wrote on my sister's wall in Spanish something along the lines of "You are the ugliest sister I could ever have. Love, Courtney" so I was fighting him to erase it and he BIT me!!!! I don't think a grown person has EVER bit me! lol! He bit my arm and left marks! By this time, all of the guys were dying of laughter and I was in shock. I won the fight after that and he apologized for biting me. I was laughing and told him that I was just stunned. Franklin and Chus were down from us and when I told them, Franklin yelled at him not to do that anymore. haha.. Chus thought it was cool and he said that's what he's going to do to me from now on. I eventually got my stuff and headed back over to Esperanza. They had been with the other gringos in the blue building watching a movie and eating pizza. I got there and we went to the dorm. The girls talked to Jessie for a while and as guilty as I felt, I had to cut them off to talk to my parents. We all talked to them for a while. I liked being able to see momma and daddy. After that, Julisa put me in bed and did some homework. I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Again this morning, Julisa said that I growled at her when she told me it was time to wake up. I didn't wake up until 6:15! Now I'm eating breakfast and gonna get ready to go shopping with Patty! Yay!! I like shopping. I'm good at it now. Well, decent enough. :)
I'm looking forward to another WONDERFUL day in Guatemala!!
Hope you all are doing well. I love you bunches!
-courtney leigh

Oh! Health Update! I'm taking my antibiotics and it has moved from my head to my chest. I'm living enough and I'm feeling better than two days ago. I thought I might die two days ago. But now, I'm feeling a little more like a normal person! A little! I've just got that smokers cough now. It's really cute. Not. :)

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