Sunday, August 1, 2010

Guate Day 11!

What a day!!
I woke up and sat around a little bit with the gringos as they were packing up and waited a while to take a shower. I took a shower around 8:45 because guys were working in the bathroom. Elias and I were planning to go to San Lucas at 9 but I was ten minutes late. Chris wrote a note for the both of us which made me laugh. I told him the night before that I want to be a part of the "Chris Perry Nation" but I wanna be an officer like Elias, Chus and Jacob are because they are always hanging out with him.
So we walked to San Lucas and went into a barber shop to get Elias' hair cut. All of the sudden, a bunch of the guys walked in. I was excited to see all of them! We sat around while some of them got their hair cut. We walked to a couple of places to look at things and just mess around. It was so much fun to see all of the people on the streets, kids playing league soccer on Saturday morning, and just to see folks out and about. We walked around a little while longer then we all rode back to Casa with Esdras. I got back and sat with the girls as they ate lunch.
I ate lunch with the gringos (of which, there are a billion!!) and then went back to hang out with the girls. They were watching some soap opera and I fell asleep. They woke me up after a little while and I went to get ready for the wedding. Right after lunch, the gringo that is a doctor checked me out. He says that I have bronchitis. Wahoo! I've never had that before. He gave me some antibiotics and said, "I'm going to love seeing you in Heaven but if you don't take these, I'll make sure that you get there first." lol.
I got dressed and went back over to the blue building. I sat upstairs with Elias, Mario and Josue because I was afraid I'd start sneezing or coughing and not be able to stop. It was a very lovely wedding and Ingrid looked beautiful. Pepas was a groom's man and he looked great in his tux. The bridesmaids all looked beautiful in their red dresses. All of the kids looked great too!! I have pictures that I will be putting on Facebook.
We enjoyed the wedding and hanging out after. Around 5, I changed to go to San Bar with the boys. I walked with Elias, Chus and two other boys over there. We left at 5:30 and got over there right before 6. Elias and the team started playing and I went with Chus to get something to eat. We walked around and eventually he found what he wanted and got it for me too. It was some kind of meat in between two tortillas. There was lettuce and onions on it but I figured if the meat didn't make me sick, those would so I took them off. We ate that, then went and he bought me a tostada with beans on it (my favorite thing of the night!) and some kind of "juice" that was hot and made of corn. It was kind of like drinking corn soup. I didn't drink all of it. He finished most of it. We watched the guys play basketball for a while and then Elias and I went to go get Jacob chicken after he was finished playing. When we came back, I got meet Elias' brother!!! He was so sweet. Apparently the sweetness that is in Elias and Analy's face is a genetic thing. His brother was the same way. He bought me something to eat and it was good too. They wanted me to try a bunch of different stuff and I surely did. He and I walked back to Casa and when we were on the road in between the two sides, the power went off. Luckily, we both had our phones so we didn't have to walk around in darkness. We got back, went up to Chris' apartment and stood outside to watch the lights come back on on the side of the mountain. It was pretty neat when they finally did!!!
They guys went inside and were finishing a movie when I left at 8 o clock and went to the gringo house. I changed real quick and then went to Esperanza. The girls were watching Harry Potter and eating a whole bunch of stuff. They used my computer for some homework and then playing. Julisa went to get me medicine and I was asleep in the midst of all the chaos. I fell asleep about 9:15 and was out until 6:30 this morning!!! Julisa said she tried to wake me up but I just groaned at her. lol. I love that. They were all dressed and showered and just waiting around by the time I woke up. I came back to the gringo house and got dressed and showered for church.
The gringos had their devotions separately and then all 43 of us ate breakfast at one time. Good-ness.. it's a lot of folks!!
Walking around yesterday really was so much fun. I love how they are out in the streets here, being friends together. I know that weather doesn't quite permit that in Mobile, which is why it was so weird but so awesome. For once in my life, I pictured myself living somewhere else. I like the simplicity of it all. I love how they play together and eat together and just are out. I really love it.
Today will be a fun day as Roberto and Denis are coming to church. I can't WAIT to see Roberto!!! I've missed him so much. Denis too. I bet that we will do something else fun today. I'm feeling the tiniest bit better as it has moved from my head to my chest. I can deal with the weight in my chest better than my head because I don't feel like I'm gonna fall over anymore. In San Lucas yesterday, my balance wasn't quite as good as it normally is and I kept walking into the middle of the street on accident. Cold medicine has a weird effect on me haha.. Elias and Chus just kept me on the inside in between them and the walls and that helped.
Well I'm going to church because I'm ready to see everyone.
I love you all very much! I hope that you are doing well.
Much love from Guatemala. I'm a happy kid!!
-courtney leigh

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  1. You don't call it a drink or soup!.... It is called atol de elote (it is made out of corn though).

    Robert T