Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guate Day 14!

Well I got ready to work this morning and there wasn't too much for me to do. With all of the gringos, there was plenty of people to do the work. I had volunteered to sand and paint Chris' bed frame but there were a few people who needed work and they ended up doing it. I walked around for an hour before I realized that there was really nothing I could help with. Arkansas was moving cabinets and it was an all-men team. There were four people painting one bed, twenty people painting two hallways, and some other folks doing work that I couldn't do. It was crazy! So about 9:30, I was sitting with Elias, Chris and Jacob by the bodegas when the backhoe arrived. They rented it to start work on the new soccer field. A really nice guy from Arkansas drives big machinery for a living so after cutting the exhaust pipe off a few inches to fit it through the gates, we basically sat in the schoolyard and watched him work. Elias and I did that until 11:30 when he went to lunch and I went to take a shower.
At twelve, I went to pick up the guy doing the field. I walked with him and the guy who owns the back hoe to the front gringo house where we ate their leftovers for lunch. It was really good. I walked him back over (I have keys) and he went back to work. At two, I came over with the girls for them to go to band practice. It had started raining by this point. I was trying to video chat with Megan but with the rain, the internet was REALLY spotty! It never really worked. So I went over to watch the rest of band practice. Adriana wanted me to go with her to the clinic because her jaw is hurting. We walked over there and a gringo dentist checked her out. We were sitting outside after this and it was so cold that you could see your breath!! At 3:30 in the afternoon!!
We walked BACK to band practice and watched them finish up and then came to the other side. Julisa supposedly had to go wash dishes so Adriana and I went to lay down on the picnic tables. We actually fell asleep before they went to dinner. I came to the gringo house and chilled for a few minutes and then went back to the front to eat tacos with the gringos. They made the BEST tacos ever!! Adriana had never had Mexican tacos before so she ate with us as well. They were amazing.. yummmmmmmm!!!! It was awesome! Everyone knows that I love tacos like whoa. We hung out with them for a little while and they went to hear Mike's testimony at 6:30. I came back to the gringo house where there were about 10 people. I sat down and borrowed Aaron's guitar and sang and played for about two hours. It was so nice just to sit and play in the relative quiet. They were still talking and stuff but it wasn't 40 people.
At 8:30, I went to the other side and saw Chris with a bunch of groceries on the way. I helped him bring in his groceries and then headed over with the girls. Julisa and Chikys had re-done their room into bunk beds. We talked to Jessie until Julisa and I were asleep and other people were talking to her. They had a good time. I finally woke up and shut off my computer and went to sleep for good.
Julisa woke me up for breakfast but I stayed asleep until they were going to school. I know... lazy bones. On my way back over here at 6:30, I saw Arkansas was already in full swing in the bodegas working on something else. They're amazing.
They are going to Antigua this afternoon so I thought about joining them but I'm not sure. If I don't have anyone to just sit around with me in a coffee shop, I'm not sure I wanna go. I don't wanna do the big shopping thing AND.. the other team is going so it'd just be me and three guys from the team that's leaving today who are staying until Saturday. My thought is probably that I'm staying here but who knows. It'll be a toss up!
Well I hope that you all are doing well! I'm doing great!! Feeling almost 100% and everything! Everything is going extremely well.
-courtney leigh

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