Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guate Day 5!

Sorry that I didn’t post this on Sunday. I didn’t have internet yet. BUT I got up and wrote it early this morning before I forgot what had happened.

I woke up around 6:30 and got up to get ready for church. I was finishing getting ready when Patty came in and said, “Hey! Are you ready to go?” Bible started early because Michael W. Smith was coming. I packed everything else up and headed toward the car. Carlos was kind enough to help me out with my luggage. We rode to Casa and when we got there, everyone was outside and very excited. We waited a while then went in and Mrs. Dottie was playing piano and Mike was leading songs. They sang a bunch of different stuff. I actually got to sit with the girls.. Julisa, Adriana, Vera, etc. At 9:20 or so, Michael W. Smith arrived and came in. He was funny because he didn’t know any Spanish or what the kids knew in English or Spanish. Josue translated for him. He sang songs and if the kids knew it in Spanish, he would just play piano and let them sing it. It was really cool to see them excited about him. He played for a while and then told them, “I wanna hear a song that you guys sing!” so they all screamed, “TOMALO!” Tomalo came on and we all danced and sung and jumped. He videoed it and laughed. I personally thought it was funny because Tomalo is so far from his style and it’s their favorite song.

After that, Mike preached and we had translators. He didn’t want to have gringo church too. Denis was the translator for our group. He did a pretty good job but tagged out and Roberto finished up. He was excellent. Of course. I expected no less.

Denis drew a picture of me and put my name at the top, “Popcorn Leg Cats” because apparently that’s what “Courtney Leigh Coxe” sounds like to him.

After church Roberto and I ate some lunch and then Patty took us to SanBar to watch the soccer game. For the first half, Roberto and I sat in the shade. For the second half, we laid out on the concrete. He took a nap but I watched the game. It was such a nice day outside. It always is. Chris brought us back and we sat around for a while. All of the kids were outside and we just watched them play and stuff. He left and Elias came and talked with me and Adriana for a while. It started raining so he and I walked back to the gringo house. He had to go get ready for Michael W. Smith’s concert in the City. I unpacked all of my stuff upstairs and got it ready. The gringos had gone to Antigua and they came back as I was finishing up. This group is so nice. I really like them a lot. It’ll be fun to work with them. We ate grilled cheese for dinner and I went to Esperanza at 7:45. I played with the girls as always. We watched TV, talked a bunch and finally went to bed around 10:30. It was an awesome day.

Hope you all are doing well. I’m doing fabulous.

-courtney leigh

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