Friday, July 30, 2010

Guate Day 9!

Woke up early and did the usual. After I ate breakfast, I put my head down on the table and accidentally took a nap. It was actually quite lovely. I talked to Chus for a while before I went to paint. I painted doors of the cabinets which took lots of concentration. I didn't mess up that bad except once when I was dancing and painting. But I fixed it!! We came back and ate lunch. I took a shower and got ready for the day. I got to talk to Daddy for a while. He called mom on speakerphone and I got to talk to her as well!! I was so happy to hear her voice.
After that, I went to watch band practice. Adriana's profe was playing her drum and cracking us up. So we danced and walked around to watch. It was fun. I sat outside with the girls before dinner and then came to the gringo house to eat dinner with the gringos. The new gringos are very nice. I ate a hamburger and some corn then packed to go to Julisa's. I thought I was going to seminary with Adriana but Mike cancelled it. I hung out with Chus and Elias for a while and then about 7:30, went to Esperanza. I saw Tim on the way.
We talked to Jessie for a while last night. I, by this time, was really sick. My throat was killing and my nose was running like crazy. Elias had it and Adriana has it as well. She and I got it at the same time because it hit us at the same time last night. The girls went and got me some Benadryl I think. I'm not actually sure what it was. I had taken some other cold medicine so I went absolutely crazy for a while. I couldn't stop laughing and doing ridiculous things. When I went to the restroom, Anna was there and she turned out the lights on me. I cracked up. It was a fun night. About 9:30, the girls were tapped out so I told Jessie we would talk to her tomorrow and I went to sleep. Chica tried to wake me up but it didn't work. They stayed up for a while longer.
Julisa didn't sleep with me because I'm sick. She woke me up about 5:30 and I came back over. I'm still sick but instead of running a fever, I'm running at 95. I took more medicine and hopefully I'll live. I think I'm going shopping with Patty today.
I hope everything is going well with you all!! I may be sick but I'm happy!!
-courtney leigh

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