Thursday, July 29, 2010

Guate Day 8!

Got up, ate breakfast, went to devotion like normal. Adam shared his testimony so it took a while for us to get started. I painted a little, washed a lot of brushes and helped Patty with the groceries. We ate lunch and took a shower. Then I got to Skype with Dad which made my day. I went to watch band practice in the afternoon. The sun was so warm on my back that I almost fell asleep sitting up all afternoon. Julisa saw me and was laughing really hard. After band, I walked over with all of the girls and hung out with them until dinner. I went into dinner with them and had a bite of Celeste's bean sandwich. I was tempted to just eat with them but I returned to the gringo house.
We had a fabulous dinner. As always! After dinner, I went to Esperanza and played and sang because I had missed doing it for the last couple of days. Bible was really good and I like Mike's sermon a lot. He spoke about not letting our emotions control us. Elias and I hung out for a little while afterward. He's sick so I feel bad for him :(.
I went to Esperanza at 9:20 and they were all asleep. Band ran 30 minutes late and they were so tired that they all went to sleep right after Bible.
Roberto messaged me and I miss him a lot. He and Denis want me to come back and hang out with them. I really love being here but I also miss them a lot. I wish everyone was still in the same place!!! It's even hard then but less hard. Last night I was kinda bummed but I'll see them hopefully Saturday and Sunday. Those boys are amazing.
I'm posting pictures on Facebook today so go check them out!!
Overall, a pretty normal day but still a good one.
Hope you all are doing well. I'm doing fabulous!
-courtney leigh

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