Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Guate Day 7!

Hey guys! This is the first blog I've actually written online in the past few days. I'm writing this on Wednesday morning but it's fine. I'll get back on track tonight hopefully.
Yesterday morning was quite rough after not sleeping. I was pretty tired. But we went to paint Vencedores and I had a good time. I was elected to ceilings because I'm tall. I just went after everyone and did the ceilings and the stuff that they couldn't reach. Elias came to help which was lots of fun as usual. At noon, we quit to eat lunch. They ate lunch and went back to work but I took a shower and ate and went to play. I didn't want to miss any fun.
At 2, I went to watch band practice. It was really funny. Julisa and Adriana are playing bass drums and Vera, Chica, and Celeste are playing snares. I had fun watching them even though it was quite loud. It rained a lot all day including during practice. It ended at four and I kinda fooled around until the girls went to dinner. After that, I went to the gringo house to help out with dinner but as usual, Mrs. Maria and everyone else had it going on. We had leftovers from fajitas. It was the meat, rice, black beans, and some corn that they fixed. I had some meat but I mostly ate rice & beans and corn. I love rice and beans. The gringos went to hear Mike's story and I went with Elias to Chris' apartment. We watched a show on snipers and Elias talked to Jessie on Skype. It was raining the whole time. About 9, we all left. I came back to the gringo house and they were having devo so I sat in on the last part of it then changed and went to Esperanza. I tried to wake up Julisa to talk to Jessie but she was out. The other girls did for a while but we were asleep before 10:15. It was such a long day... but only because I was so sleepy.
Today I'm feeling pretty good!! Mrs. Maria and Mr. Jesse made biscuits this morning with sausage and eggs. Yum... they are lovely.
I hope you all are doing well!! I'm excited about painting and playing today.
-courtney leigh

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