Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guate Day 6!

Woke up early at Julisa’s this morning. When I came back at 5:45, Mrs. Maria and Mr. Jessie were already making breakfast. They are always up early! I took a shower and put on my work clothes. We had devotion, which was really good. The boys went off to work on some plumbing while I stayed with the girls and we sorted the shoes and socks that they brought. They brought over 200 pairs of tennis shoes in all sizes. Mrs. Dottie came and showed us how to sort them and then we took them to their respective places. After that, we didn’t really have much else to do. We toured Lee and Candy’s dorm because we will be painting it. I was laughing the entire time and when he started talking the last team that painted it I was dying. He figured out that I was on that team and everyone started laughing. So I’m going to feel at home tomorrow. It’ll be easier than last time because it’s just a darker shade of what we did and we won’t have to prime it all.
After lunch, I went to play. Julisa took me to her room and told me to stay there with Vera because she was going with Mike somewhere. After about twenty minutes, she still wasn’t back. Three hours later, she woke me up. The girls had put a blanket on me and everything. Lol. They’re so sweet. We hung out in the dorm because it was raining. About 4, we went to look at the new gringos because the girls wanted to see if there was anyone cute. We walked around. It was freezing all day! They went to dinner and I came to the gringo house. About 6:45, Elias came over and ate dinner with us. He and I went to Chris’ apartment so that Elias could show him pictures. I finally got back over to Esperanza about 10. Julisa and some other gringos were helping her with a project. Her group had left it all to her so they were her group. She decided to go to sleep at 10:30 and I was out pretty soon. At 11, Chica came and got in bed with us. By 11:45, I still wasn’t asleep because I was in the middle and they were burning me up! I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and sweating like a fool. I finally gave up and went to sit on the end of the bed. I tried to lay at their feet but they kept kicking me. Julisa told me to make sure that she got up at 3 so I pretty much just sat there until 3 when I bothered her enough that she got up. I slept until 5:15 when they went to breakfast. Needless to say, I’m pooped this morning. I refused to take a shower until after we work so I threw on a hat. I’m going to go to work and then take a shower and a nap after lunch.
It’s really cold here. I like it. I had to bundle up last night to go out. I had on Taylor’s sweatpants over shorts and a t-shirt, fleece and rain jacket. It was rainy too. I like it though!
Hopefully I’ll get internet today and I’ll actually be able to post this online and I’ll be in a good rhythm again.
Hope you all are well. I’m still having a blast.
-courtney leigh

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