Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guate Day 2!

Today was a long but great day! I woke up earlier than everyone else but I just sat around and got everything organized and neat. I got clean and then went with Patty on errands. We went to Casa which was awesome!!!!!!! I got to see Julisa, Adriana, Vera, Tomasa, Elias, Chus, Franklin and a few others! I was there for only a short time but I was so happy to see everyone. I love them so much..
After that, Patty and I went to Chuck E. Cheese to get a party together for Mishelle for tomorrow because it is her birthday. I got to see an indoor roller coaster! It was pretty cool. We came home after that. I demanded that Roberto come down to play with me and we went for a walk. I got to see where he works. It's a really nice building and looks pretty cool. I hadn't eaten since lunch yesterday so we went to McDonald's for dinner. He made fun of me for not liking anything on my hamburger but he was nice enough to order for me so that I didn't have to look stupid. We had dinner (which was uncommonly delicious to my empty tummy) and came back. As soon as we got back, Roberto, Denis and I walked back to McDonald's to get ice cream and stuff for Tim and Patty. Denis asked me how I felt walking on the streets of Guatemala and I said fine but I feel kinda funny sometimes. I asked him the same question and he laughed and said normal. I taught him a few chords on guitar and he practiced a lot. He now knows how to play "Open the Eyes of My Heart."
I feel like a giant here. Whenever I go out, there aren't many people that are taller than me. I know that seems ridiculous but for some reason, I felt self conscious all day about it. I really do see the ridiculousness of that as I write it but whatever. It's the truth.
I'm so happy to be back. I was excited to see Roberto yesterday.. and I am still excited to see him. I forget how much of my heart I leave here until I come back and find it. Seeing Julisa and the rest of them today made me SO happy!!!!!!! I was excited to hear how they are doing in school and everything. Apparently, they have LOTS of homework and projects this week so it wouldn't be good for me to be there. Julisa said that I would be a distraction which in all honesty, I can't disagree with. That's not a haughty statement.. I think I would be annoyed without anyone to hang out with because of all the homework and that would make me bored and therefore cause me to try to distract them. lol. True though.
Right now I'm skyping Roberto because we are both in our rooms. He's singing along with his music and I love it. I'm listening to "Cancion del Desierto" from Hillsong's new CD Con Todo. I'm really digging this CD! Well I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the adventures it will bring. Patty may need me to drive to Chuck E. Cheese from Casa. That should be interesting to say the least!
I'll write more tomorrow! If I stink at this blogging thing, feel free to give me tips. Or just stop reading. Unless you are my Momma and Daddy cuz you're required by an unspoken "Parent Contract" to always read this!
Love you all very much. And for those of you who supported me in any way.. prayers, words of encouragement, or financially.. Thank you so much in case I didn't get to tell you. I appreciate you more than you'll ever know. "Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to YOUR credit. I have received full payment, and more. I am well supplied..." -Philippians 4:17-18
Thank you guys!

Take care,
-courtney leigh

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