Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Guate Day 1!

Everytime that I come to Guatemala, I write emails to my parents and they end up getting forwarded around to everyone that we know so I'm trying blogging this year. Today wasn't the most eventful day that I'll have but if I'm gonna start, I probably need to start with Day 1!
After a sleepless night, a quick shower was all I needed to get on that plane this morning. I was all too excited and ready to go. For the past two months I've been that way!
After an easy flight to Houston, I sat alone in the Houston airport at my gate for two hours before Tim got there and we waited together. I tried to sleep on the plane but that just wasn't happening.
We landed in Guatemala City and to our surprise, neither of us had our bags searched. That was completely awesome. After getting to the house, I went with Patty to take care of the cell phone bill which was fun. I always like getting out and seeing new stuff. Plus most people here look at my blonde hair pretty funny. Lots of stares but it doesn't ruffle my feathers.
I came back only to find that Roberto was at the house but SLEEPING! I made Tim go wake him up so that he would come play with me. He and I watched The Fairly OddParents with Mishelle and then House for a while and just hung out. I sure do love that kid. He's awesome to the max.
I finally got the internet to work on my computer. Mishelle and I played most of the evening and she's my new shadow. Today wasn't too eventful but I feel like I'm at home. It's so nice to be back. Now I'm off to bed because I'm pooped.
Sorry if this was boring. I promise it won't be this boring everyday. I re-read it and it must sound boring to you guys but I had a blast!! Tomorrow I'll be much more well-rested and ready to write. Plus there might be some cool stuff to post.
Take care,
-courtney leigh

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